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Wells of Prayer Seminars in Cape Town

What are Wells of prayer seminars about?

  • Restoring the rich treasures of the early church from the apostles to the fourth century to equip the Body of Christ in the West to stand in the end times.
  • Understanding how the early church fathers kept the faith because it is crucial to so many of the issues we see in the church today (brokenness, division, dangerous freedom and lack of order, deception, etc.).
  • Helpful, applicable content that you will not easily find elsewhere.
  • Deciding what you believe about the Word, why, and how you can better live it out by the grace of God.
  • Getting equipped with confidence as you pray, the ability to silence the enemy and sustain focus in prayer.
  • It’s about much more than praying the Word. Rather, it’s about experiencing the Word, meeting Him as a Person and receiving His life-changing, mind-renewing grace every time you pray.

Contact Heideli on or 0832330922 to book your spot.
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What have others said about it?

“It has changed my mind from complicating prayer life to simplifying it! A great tool to get to Father’s heart.”
“It is changing my mindset and takes me deeper in prayer life.”

“I have learned the difference between seeking for God, t o knowing where and how to find Him – eating the Sword of the Word and becoming the cross!”
“My prayer life will never be the same. My horizons have been moved and the Holy Scripture has taken on a whole new meaning and use.”
“Dit is asof daar verborge manna vir my oopgebreek is!”

Come and join us!