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Wells of Prayer Ministry

Reviving believers today with the treasures of the early church

Do you love Jesus but struggle to see and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in your daily walk? Have you prayed for many years and studied the Scriptures but still feel like you’re not getting the breakthroughs you need?

Are you questioning the relevance of the church in a time where we all need God more than most, and yet believers seem so ill-equipped, scared, weak, critical and judgmental?

These are very serious and valid questions. I don’t presume to solve them all, nor do I claim to be perfect either. But, I do want to share with you the treasures of the church from a time when unity in Christ MEANT something more than sermon-swapping. I believe there are keys here, that if we would humble ourselves and apply them, could change everything for the better.

Podcasts, seminars, workshops, books and more

Wells of Prayer presents various teachings based on that of the early church, in the form of:

  • online podcasts via Podbean (you can download the app and listen on your mobile),
  • workshops and seminars,
  • ebooks,
  • and printable resources.

There’s something for everyone, at every stage of a believer’s walk in the faith.

The content is not complicated, but it offers a new depth, simplicity, practicality in application and truth that truly transforms.

Who is the early church?

The early church refers to the church from the time of the Biblical apostles up to the fourth century, before the Great Schism. This is the time where the church around the world was truly united as one.

They were one in belief, faith and practice, resulting in power that touched the world. This same power is sorely lacking in the Western churches today, evidenced by over 40 000 denominations who often don’t get along.

What does the early church have to do with you?

The treasures of the early church impacts:

  • your knowledge of the Word
  • your discernment and interpretation,
  • and most importantly, your understanding of how to live and walk daily in resurrection power with Christ.

Listen to the latest podcast episodes here:

Wells of Prayer
Core Values

Teaching and sharing the treasures of the Word and the early church is based on these three core values:



Scripture-based teaching should be simple. Everything starts with a relationship with Christ, hearing His voice and discerning. It may not always be easy to obey, but it shouldn't be complicated.



Scripture-based teaching should be exactly that - based on the Word, on truth that rings in your Spirit and agrees with the Holy Spirit. No compromise.



Scripture-based teaching should be actionable in real life, in between and throughout working, taking care of family and walking with God.

What Others Are Saying

Heideli Loubser

Heideli Loubser

Hi! I’m a writer, blogger, wife, mom of two, and daughter of God. 

My journey with God started in a childhood filled with the Word, and then passed through my own valleys of struggle and testing where I had to figure out what God’s comfort, unconditional love and truth meant in my own life.

I am an ordained minister since 2013 and enjoy sharing the Word of God with others in a way that’s simple, practical and truthful. Teaching content based on that of the early church in the first four centuries brings out these 3 elements beautifully and transformed my prayer and Christian life when I first learned about it in 2004. 

Based in Cape Town, Wells of Prayer Ministries was founded in 2017 to share this treasure with others in seminars, camps, and podcasts.

Professional online copywriter and content marketer

Collaborate With Me

Wells of Prayer frequently collaborates with Bridal Love Ministries, a ministry focused on equipping the Bride of Christ with a focus on intimacy (through Song of Songs and Revelation.

Other projects I’m involved in:

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss collaborating!