Heideli Loubser

Hi! I’m a writer, blogger, mom of two, and daughter of God. 

My journey with God started in a childhood filled with the Word, and then passed through my own valleys of struggle and testing where I had to figure out what God’s comfort, unconditional love and truth meant in my own life.

After school, I spent a year at a House of Prayer with Jericho Walls Ministry, and during that time, our group took a trip to visit a house of prayer and discipleship in Egypt for 10 days. It was my first opportunity to visit the church on the garbage dump in Cairo, and it changed my life.

I spent a week learning from a man who spent many seasons of his life in seclusion, writing and praying through the Word, gaining new revelations to share with others. He lives a life that brings forth much power and impartation. I asked him to become my mentor and he did.

Despite having grown up with a wealth of Word-knowledge, I found myself praying to the Holy Spirit, asking Him to rebuild my foundation of faith and fill up the gaps left by my arrogance and pride.

After that year, I spent two years in creative ministry training before starting a career as a professional copywriter and content marketer. God put me on a journey. 

I married and started a family, and studied the Word still further, becoming an ordained minister in 2013. I enjoy sharing the Word of God with others in a way that’s simple, practical and truthful. Life with children, work, homeschooling and challenges that come, requires PRACTICAL faith!

Teaching content based on that of the early church in the first four centuries helps achieve exactly that.

I hope you enjoy it and may you be richly blessed!